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Brayton Hammerli

Industrial Designer





Long Beach, CA

A Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Brayton. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. I am a creative person that thrives with hands-on collaborative exploration. I enjoy the process of development and looking at problems from different perspectives. I believe great design improves the lives of others through innovation and empathy, while respecting natural resources and the Earth.


I am naturally a mediator, always seeing two sides and attempting to resolve conflict. I love being outdoors and can often be found hiking, on a bike, and camping. I have a passion for creation, creativity ,and exploration. 

Work Experience

March 2021 - Current

July 2020 - January 2021

2019 - 2020


Nectar Product Development

Nectar Product Development

Aaron Brothers

Art and Framing

2014 - 2018

Part time industrial designer: As a designer at Nectar I wear many hats which allows me to help out on various different projects. I am often working in the shop, helping with building models, preparing presentations, and sketching during brainstorm sessions. I have also been able to participate in client feedback sessions.

Industrial design intern: As a intern I was mentored through Nectar's design processes and learned as I worked. I was responsible for a lot of materials testing, mockup building, ideation. During my six months I was able to work on over five projects. 

Student assistant CSULB design department: I worked as a student assistant(SA) for the introduction to shop tools class, and the beginning model making class. As an SA I worked closely with the professor, helped students with their projects, and taught them how to use shop tools. 

Lead sales associate/ key holder : As I worked as a sales associate for a year and a half until being promoted to a lead sales associate. I assisted customers with merchandise, cashiered, and managed overnight deliveries. I also worked as a "personal designer" and help customers design custom framing orders for their artwork using in house software. I also assembled customer framing orders when needed. 


California State University 

Long Beach

Graduated with Honors- May 2021

B.S Industrial Design

Pasadena City College

Graduated - 2016

AA Studio Arts

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